Winning Fantasy Baseball

Amazon's #1 bestseller for Fantasy Sports books

Winning Fantasy Baseball
Secret Strategies of a Nine-Time National Champion

By Larry Schechter

"It’s all about winning, and all Larry Schechter does is win. This book is an absolute, 100% must-read."
-- Ron Shandler, columnist for USA Today, author of the Baseball Forecaster and founder of

"Winning Fantasy Baseball is an instant contender for the definitive guide to fantasy strategy and tactics." -- Mike Gianella, Senior Fantasy Writer, Baseball Prospectus

"Larry is possibly the best fantasy player in the world." -- Nando Di Fino, Senior Fantasy Writer,

"I have been playing fantasy baseball for 20 years. When I heard about this book, I figured it would be the same, tired stuff you can get anywhere. Boy, was I wrong!" -- Mark Bogdansky, Amazon customer review

Winning Fantasy Baseball doesn't flood you with garbage to wade through. It's straight and to the point. This book is the most invaluable fantasy resource in existence. I've been playing fantasy baseball for 10+ years and have never found anything close to as helpful as this book" -- Andrew Gargano, Amazon customer review

Some have called Larry Schechter one of the best fantasy baseball players in the world. He is a six-time winner of the renowned Tout Wars experts league and a winner of the USA Today -sponsored League of Alternative Baseball Reality (LABR). He is also a two-time winner of the CDM Sports national salary-cap challenge, having defeated 7,500 competitors in 2002 and 6,000 in 2005. 

In Winning Fantasy Baseball, Larry discloses all the secrets of his winning methods. The book is designed for everyone from beginners through experienced players. It is full of easy-to-use strategies that will show you how to win at fantasy baseball. Everything you need to know about projecting player stats, converting those stats into a specific value, strategy for mono-league and mixed auctions, snake drafts, salary cap, keeper leagues and in-season management. Although the book is specifically about fantasy baseball, many of the concepts also apply to fantasy football and other fantasy sports. 

"This book is not just the same stuff you've heard before, because I think most of that stuff doesn't make any sense." -- Larry Schechter

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January 1st, 2018 note: Autographed copies are now available directly from the author.
Send check for $27 (includes shipping) to Larry Schechter    7360 Ballantrae Ct  Boca Raton, FL  33496

Editorial Reviews for Winning Fantasy Baseball:

“Winning Fantasy Baseball is unquestionably the best fantasy baseball book ever written.” -- Scott McCloy,

"Larry is almost certainly Earth's greatest fantasy player. His record of success in experts leagues is, at this point, ridiculous. Larry's age 50-54 seasons are the fantasy equivalent of Barry Bonds at age 35-39. We should be testing him, regularly ... or at least that's what I thought before reading Winning Fantasy Baseball. It turns out Larry is just a master tactician. Anyone, of any skill level, will be a better player after reading this book."
-- Andy Behrens, Fantasy Writer, Yahoo! Sports.

"Larry should be your E.F. Hutton for fantasy baseball advice; when he talks, you should listen. He has a totem pole's worth of league titles and the respect of everyone in the fantasy baseball industry." -- Jason Collette, Fantasy Writer, RotoWire, Fangraphs

"If you want to know how to win your league, this book will show you how one of the industry's best does it."
-- Steve Gardner, Senior Fantasy Editor, USA Today Sports (and LABR commissioner)

"I've played against Larry. I'm glad I read his book. Now I have a chance to beat him." -- Alex Patton, founder of, and author of six fantasy baseball books

“This is a primer that can help anyone from the first-time owner to a seasoned expert. It’s the “Super System” of the fantasy baseball world from one of its all-time great players." -- Chris Liss, RotoWire

"With its game smarts wryly explained using real-world examples from Schechter's long and successful experience, this book should become for fantasy baseball players what Doyle Brunson's SuperSystem became for poker players: The indispensable guide to understanding the game and winning. The only drawback was that I didn't get to bed until 3:30 because I couldn't stop reading." -- Patrick Davitt,

"I cannot recommend Winning Fantasy Baseball enough. There is no book more likely to help you win a fantasy league. In addition to all the knowledge Schechter shares, you will enjoy the stories about Tout Wars and other leagues in which he has participated." -- Jon Williams, Advanced Fantasy Baseball

"Are you a serious player in a tough league? Then you had better read this book to find out why Larry continues to beat the toughest of leagues and put an end to those frustrating near-misses." -- Jeff Erickson, RotoWire

"There are a few things I don't necessarily have the same point of view on in this book, but that's what makes it required reading for any serious player. Larry challenges some of your assumptions about how to be successful in this game.  His track record demands your attention. And this book demanded mine. There are many ways to win a league, but to consistently win a league is something else. Larry provides a road map for a way to do so that can take any player to a new level."
-- Jason Grey, Professional Scout, Tampa Bay Rays, 3-time Tout Wars and 2-time LABR champion

"Winning Fantasy Baseball is a must-read for players on all levels. Schechter's book is well worth the investment of your time and money." -- Eric Mack, fantasy writer, Sports Illustrated  Lead Writer for Sports Medicine, Bleacher Report

"No longer do you have to buy a book or search for an article that explains draft/auction strategy, player valuation, in-season strategy, etc. separately. Winning Fantasy Baseball has it all in one book. Schechter's writing style is easy to read and understand and there is no doubt that your fantasy baseball skills will take a giant leap forward after reading."
-- Mike Podhorzer, fantasy writer and podcaster, Fangraphs

"This is the best fantasy strategy book I've ever read, bar none. Be it baseball or football." -- Evan Tarracciano, fantasy writer, RotoExperts

"Larry Schechter has, no pun intended, a winner here. I'm a long time player with better than 20 years of playing and I wish that I had this book 20 years ago. I don't recommend very many books because they tend to repeat the same tired strategies. Schechter's book is a great start for beginners and a "wow" moment for those serious about fantasy." -- Will Carroll, lead writer for Sports Medicine, Bleacher Report  

"This is good stuff. I hadn't thought about mixed auctions the way Schechter does. All I knew is that the pricing structure is not rational. I can't believe how stupid I have been not to see it his way." -- Gene McCaffrey, founder, Wise Guy Baseball

"This book is a gem. Anyone with a basic understanding of multiplication, division and baseball statistics can use Schechter's methods. A blow-by-blow of his 2011 Tout Wars auction was both a unique look behind the curtain of an expert fantasy player and a perfect explanation of how to execute a successful draft." -- David Johnson, The Saratogian Newspaper

"Every fantasy player should read this--including all those who think you know it all." -- Perry Van Hook, Mastersball

"Outstanding statistical and dollar value analysis. The position scarcity piece was unique and enlightening, almost groundbreaking." -- Dennis LePore, head writer and editor, The Sandlot Shrink

Mr. Schechter gives a great deal of fantasy tips, from drafting, to trades, to how to set a line-up, to how to mange your team to win that championship crown. This goes for the novice all the way to the season veteran. I myself took quite a few of the tips in this book and used them with my drafting strategy for my multiple fantasy football teams.

That is another fantastic thing about this book; you can use it for other fantasy sports! All the information in this book is easily transferable to all of fantasy sports land. So, even if you are not a fantasy baseball player, like me, I highly recommend this book, as it can assist you in winning any other fantasy sports league you may
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"Mr. Schechter gives a great deal of fantasy tips, from drafting, to trades, to how to set a line-up, to how to manage your team to win that championship crown. I myself took quite a few of the tips in this book and used them with my drafting strategy for my multiple fantasy football teams. Even if you are not a fantasy baseball player, I highly recommend this book, as it can assist you in winning any other fantasy sports league you may be in." -- Heather, Oh My Goodies Freebies

"Mr. Schechter provides several useful tips to maximize roster value. He provides a birds-eye view on how an expert prepares for and conducts a draft. He drills into several concepts like 'position scarcity' and 'hitter/pitcher dollar splits' that will leave the reader wiser than when they started. I polished this nearly 350 page book in two days. Kudos to the author for his eminently readable prose." -- Rudy Gamble, Razzball

"This is one of the best fantasy baseball books I've ever read. Schechter does an excellent job of providing information that is helpful to all readers--no matter the level of play." -- Dr. Roto, RotoExperts

"This was excellent. Schechter explains everything very well and makes some great points not found in other publications. I thought the part about how position scarcity can be overrated was very clearly articulated--a lot of fantasy blogs try to make that point, but don't make it as clear as this book." --Michael Cohen, former writer for CDM Sports' fantasy baseball hotsheet and Fantasy Baseball Index magazine. 

"This is a very easy read...a no-nonsense approach to exactly what the title says--Winning Fantasy Baseball."
-- Doug Dennis, BaseballHQ 

"I was impressed by the depth of Schechter's observations, analyses and recommendations. If you are not enjoying consistent roto success, this book will show you the reasons." -- Mike Lombardo, three-time NL Tout Wars champion

                             Customer Reviews for Winning Fantasy Baseball:
(full reviews can be seen at

"I've played fantasy baseball since the '80's and this is the clearest and most logically presented approach for strategy that I've seen." -- E Mulkowsky

"I've been playing fantasy baseball for 15 years and have won a fair share of my leagues, but I learned many new things from this book." -- Timothy Grover

"Best fantasy baseball bargain ever." -- Jay Mack

"This book is the most invaluable fantasy resource in existence. I've been playing fantasy baseball for 10+ years and have never found anything close to as helpful as this book. Larry lays out a systematic approach to the game that is so logical you feel silly for not having thought of it yourself. Even some of the more complicated concepts like value formulas are laid out in ways that anyone can understand. The best part about it is that there's no fluff. Every fantasy sports service has a million different tips and strategies, lists of do's and don't's, etc. This book doesn't flood you with garbage to wade through. It's straight and to the point." -- Andrew Gargano

"I jumped at the chance to see what strategies Mr. Schechter employs after his long line of success in the Tout Wars and LABR leagues. I thoroughly enjoyed his writing. This is a must read for any fantasy baseball player and there are strategies that can be applied for any fantasy sports auctions or drafts." -- Greg Jewett

"I couldn't put this book down. Larry's key to success is clearly planning and preparation and this book goes through this step-by-step. This will be a valuable book to reference year after year." -- Jonathan Tomevi

"If you enjoy playing fantasy baseball, you NEED to read this FANTASTIC book!" -- Steve

"The book is very clear and well written. I was very impressed by the depth of Schechter's coverage of opinions other than his own, and the extensive testing that he has done to improve his results. I also liked that he presented many of his findings as his best conclusion after a lot of research, rather than as gospel." -- Barry

"The book is well-written and has excellent descriptions of various strategies for all types of formats. I also enjoyed how the author would identify a number of commonly-held beliefs among fantasy baseball players and then logically debunks them."
-- Bronx Yankees

"I devoured Larry Schechter's book. He lays out his ideas (many of which are contrary to popular notions) in straightforward prose that is easy to follow and digest. There is a ton of helpful and insightful information in this book. The cost of the book is less than what you would pay for many expert's annual draft guides, and the ideas presented will apply year after year."
-- Norseman81

"This book is a guide on how to approach winning fantasy baseball. It offers a very logical approach and is full of insights and useful tips." -- N Heath

"I've been playing fantasy sports for 15 years. I thought I had a good structure. This book blew it all up in 30 minutes."
-- Jody Ryan

"Incredibly comprehensive and clear book on how to strategize for fantasy baseball." -- CBF

"I especially like the way he gives examples of the different methodologies and their worth or shortcomings. If you want to compete, it's worth the read." -- DRB

"There are some outstanding concepts that many casual players can easily incorporate into their pre-season draft prep that will certainly separate them from the pack in their leagues. Everything is well-explained and there is a "eureka" moment where it all comes together. It's well worth the buy and the read." -- Greg Giombarrese

"You don't need to rely on "experts" anymore, Schechter teaches you how to do it yourself." -- Davo

"Buy this book if you want to win, plain and simple." -- David Brisbane

"Larry breaks things down in everyday terms and makes it easy to follow along with his ideas and methods. This is a must have book for the fantasy baseball player. Period." -- Christopher Cottrell

"This book really has something for every level. The statistics/math is simple enough to follow for even those that are not mathematically-inclined. Definitely a great read and has loads of tricks and strategies. I cannot wait to implement!"
-- Michael Hofer

"Larry's theories make sense. He takes axioms that most fantasy gamers have heard or quoted and explains why they may not make the most sense; however, instead of doing this ignorantly, he does this thoughtfully." -- Matt Kupferle

"Larry offers a lot of great advice and backs it up with real-world examples. It's a MUST READ for anyone serious about contending." -- Muggle

"Can help anyone from beginner to advanced to better understand the game. Provides general and detailed approaches to draft preparation and team management." -- Paul Tickerhoof



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